2022 Photo Diary: A Year Of Growth, Healing, & Transformation



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I'm still very much easing into the new year and in deep reflection around all that unfolded in 2022, as well as visioning what I'm calling in for the year ahead. Being sick the last few weeks of the year, it felt like I blinked, and suddenly it was 2023.

One of my intentions for this year is to blog more as I come to terms with the truth that I really don’t enjoy being on social media. When I saw one of my favorite writers do a photo essay of her year, I felt a full body yes to do the same. 

In many ways, this year felt like an absolute whirlwind. It was a big year personally, from becoming a first-time aunt to getting married and standing beside my sister at her wedding. There were also countless doctor appointments, treatments, and testing that will lay the foundation for a procedure and surgery in 2023 to support further healing. I’ll be sharing more as it unfolds.

In terms of my business, it wasn’t a huge growth year practically speaking but energetically, it was growth unlike I've ever experienced. I’m not the same person I was when this year started. Not even close. Between getting married and launching The Akashic Portal, this was a year of deep healing, expansion, and rebirth.

Below are some of the moments that stood out each month. I’m so grateful to share them with you and am looking forward to all that this year will bring.


As always, Dan and I began 2022 with our yearly tradition, a visit to the beach and reflecting on the previous year/writing out what we're calling in for the year ahead.

January started with finding my youngest sister, Kadie’s stunning wedding dress. Our other sister Nicki was also halfway through her pregnancy. After living in New York for 12+ years, I cherish being in the same state and creating these memories.

It was shortly after this that Dan and I noticed something was very off with our beloved Bodhi. I took him to the vet only to be told to go straight to emergency care. This was the car ride before we found out he had an aggressive cancer and would need to begin chemotherapy immediately. And so began our 6+ month journey with him of weekly chemo and daily medications.

I was honored to be on my Blair's podcast, Brand Yourself, as my first interview of the year.

In February, I started to take on more dream mentorship clients. After booking out one-off readings in 2021, this felt deeply aligned as these containers allow us to go deeper into the healing work and co-create with the Records in new ways.

This was also when the seeds were planted by my guides to create a membership offering around teaching others how to read their own Records, which would later become The Akashic Portal.

This month I also began sharing more on TikTok. After years of wanting to do video content, this felt like a huge step post my Ramsay Hunt Syndrome diagnosis. While social media isn’t feeling right at the moment, I’m really proud of myself for showing up in this way. It was never about the numbers, but about proving to myself I was capable of being seen in new ways.

February was a busy month! We also had my sisters baby shower to celebrating the upcoming arrival of baby CJ.

Eagerly awaiting to become aunties!

March started off with IVIG treatment. This is a treatment I’ve been receiving every 8-12 weeks for the past 11 years since my bone marrow transplant. I'm still not able to build my own immune system, so this offers me some much-needed protection. The treatment typically takes a lot out of me in the weeks leading up to it and recovery is always challenging. Thankfully, I had Chloe to keep me company and offer the sweetest puppy love. We also welcomed Carson into the world this month and celebrated Chloe's first birthday.

One last adventure before my sisters due date.

Eagerly awaiting Carson's arrival at the hospital.

Welcome to the world Carson Jay Lake!

One of the most profound moments of my life, getting to hold my nephew for the first time. 

On March 22nd our Chlo bear turned one.

The sweetest girl and one of the greatest loves of my life.

April was filled with a lot of long walks, supporting my incredible clients, rest, and re-recording/updating course content. For me, the course creation process has never been “set it and forget it” and I’m constantly updating the materials so it can be the most supportive, nourishing experience.

It was also my birthday, and truth be told, all I wanted was to relax, spend time with Carson and my family, and eat tacos. So that’s exactly what we did. 

Favorite humans.

The sweetest moments.

My heart.

In May, we made continued trips to the doctor for Bodhi’s treatments. His health deteriorated but we stayed optimistic and worked to make him feel as comfortable as possible.

I posted this dancing video on TikTok and it went a little viral which was fun. 🙂 

And just like that, it was time for IVIG treatment again.

June, unfortunately, started off with getting covid which began a long journey over the next few months of healing and recovery. Already living with a compromised immune system, it activated a virus in my body, which reminded me of the truth that nothing is more important than prioritizing my health. It also marked 5 years since my Ramsay Hunt Syndrome diagnosis. 

I had to cancel a trip I was really looking forward to it and reschedule a lot of readings and calls (endlessly thankful to work with clients where I can bring my full humanity into our work together). I was feeling a lot but chose to surrender and focus on rest. The only way out is through.

This month, I was also honored to share what's In My Orbit with THE FULLEST.
Early July, we said goodbye to our beloved Bodhi, who passed on July 6th. It was one of the most excruciatingly painful things I've ever gone through. I wrote this note to honor his memory:

It is with a very heavy heart that I share our sweet Bodhi, and one of the great loves of my love crossed the rainbow bridge.

This is a grief unlike anything I’ve experienced, and yet I’m trying to find comfort in knowing that after a 6-month battle with cancer, he’s no longer in pain.

I imagine his body healthy once again, eating unlimited treats and catnip, playing with friends, and taking long naps in the sunshine.

From the moment we met one another 6.5 years ago, I knew we were destined to be in each other’s lives. His calm demeanor, sweet, healing energy, and loving presence filled our home with so much love.

Dan, Chloe, Zoey, and I will miss him dearly, knowing that he’ll always be a part of our hearts.

I love you, Bodhi, to infinity and back. You’ll always be my first baby, and I thank you endlessly for loving us unconditionally. It was and always will be the greatest gift and honor that you chose us.

We took a big trip to Boston to see my doctor at Mass Eye & Ear to prepare for a procedure I would be receiving later in the year and then drove to NYC to see my transplant doctor at Memorial Sloan Kettering. Overall, it was an exhausting and emotionally draining trip, but I’m so full of gratitude to be supported by such incredible doctors.

I ended the month with a visit to Orlando to spend time with my favorite little nugget. True heart medicine. And then it was back home.

Being home and back in routine always makes my heart happy.

In August, Dan and I both got the intuitive ping that after 13 years together, it was time to get married and officially set a date. We picked November 4th and, in typical Hil + Dan style, now had three months to put everything together. 

I also received the message from my Records that it was time to launch The Akashic Portal. 

Looking back, I was definitely experiencing a lot of fear around the timing of everything and whether or not I could handle it, but I also deeply felt the support of my Records and guides.

This month was filled with wedding planning, prepping for the launch of The Akashic Portal, a few fun day trips to Miami and around Palm Beach (mostly looking for wedding dresses and scouting locations), and a highlight of the month was going on a sunrise turtle walk on Singer Island.

September was another full month (if you’re still with me — thank you!). Dan and I celebrated 13 years together, prioritized self-care (lol that I tried compression on my arms and legs simultaneously — legs were amazing but do NOT recommend arms, it was way too intense). 

I also officially launched The Akashic Portal, which could be another post on its own. I was elated to have a project that felt like a lifetime in the making out in the world and celebrated the beautiful souls that joined The Portal, saying yes to co-creating in this way. Putting something new out into the world is a true journey, and with expansion always comes contraction.

We also continued wedding planning and decided on the combination of a beach elopement and an intimate dinner/weekend with 30 of our closest. On the health front, I started light therapy 2x week for my psoriasis, which has been positive.

Preparing for the launch of The Akashic Portal and holding the vision for the most beautiful, aligned souls to join.

I was so deeply touched by the outpouring of love and support from the community on launch day.

I also focused on keeping my word to myself and enjoying where I live by getting outside as much as possible. Even (and especially) in the midst of a launch.

My podcast episode with THE FULLEST also went live this month. I'm always so grateful to share this work with new communities.

In October, we traveled back to Boston, so I could receive a procedure to support my healing from facial paralysis. We also celebrated Dan’s birthday! And the one-month wedding countdown began.

Between wedding planning and holding space within The Akashic Portal, it was a month focused on healing, nourishing myself, trusting the process, and creating as much spaciousness as possible.

We made it to November! It is wedding month, and honestly, I feel like this needs its own post. This was by far the most potent and deeply transformational weekend of my life. Dan and I eloped on the beach, followed by an intimate dinner with 30 of our closest. On Saturday, we hosted a brunch at our home, and then everyone headed to the beach for the sunset. We stayed into the night under the light of the most magical full moon. It all still feels like a dream.

Just as we were arriving to the beach for our elopement ceremony, the most stunning rainbow appeared in the sky.

The photos below were taken by our incredible wedding photographer, Meagan Puett.

Our amazing videographer, Blair Elizabeth, put together these reels, I can't wait to re-live this day.

Between the planning and navigating my health challenges, a honeymoon felt like too big of an undertaking so we decided to do a mini-moon at a local resort and plan a bigger trip in 2023. Here is a peek at our photo album.

Last podcast episode of the year! I was honored to be on Daniela + Mariah's beautiful podcast, The Art of Blooming.

And finally, we arrive in December. My youngest sister and mini-me, Kadie, got married in Miami, and it was perfect. So much dancing and laughter, creating memories I’ll always hold close. 

I also hosted the first live call for The Akashic Portal, which was nourishing and heart-affirming.

With so much excitement in the last few months of the year, I was definitely feeling the waves of grief when it all came to an end. So much celebration, connection, and in-person time. 

Simultaneously, I felt an unexplainable transformation happening within myself as Dan and I moved into this next chapter of being husband and wife. A shedding and release that has been, at times, challenging but also miraculous and so necessary.

In all honestly, before doing this exercise, I was feeling a little lost as to what I had accomplished this year. There were even moments when I felt like I had failed because my business didn’t grow in the way I had hoped. But looking back on these photos, I can see the growth that unfolded. I can witness with love the transformation I went through. I can honor that this was a season of personal growth, and that is worthy of celebration.

If you made it to the end, thank you for going on this journey with me. Thank you for inviting me into your heart to share more of my story. My prayer is that you can honor whatever season of life you’re in and celebrate all you moved through in 2022.

Here's to an abundant, magical, miracle-filled 2023!

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Welcome to my blog. Alongside lifestyle tools, healing practices, and consciously curated finds, you’ll have full access to Akashic education to support your journey.

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