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“Hilary is an incredibly gifted and open channel. She holds space with tenderness, and offers deep clarity. Working with her was affirming, heart-opening, and an absolute delight.”


"My whole body was buzzing with energy after speaking with Hilary. She had such a warmth and special way of making me feel heard and comfortable. She was patient with questions and provided me with so much clarity."


"My experience from the reading with Hilary was heavenly, is the only way I can describe it! I feel so expansive, so vibrant and so alive after our session. I feel as though she was able to translate things that were buried so deep in my subconscious and to bring those to the forefront. I connected with everything she was bringing up and I truly feel like she was meant to provide these gifts to us here on Earth!"


"Where to begin. Hilary has been someone I have looked up to and been inspired by for years. Her very existence is proof of a connection to the ether world. Her soul is ancient and knowing and never ceases in a pursuit for more knowledge, understanding, and compassion. I was blessed to experience an Akashic Records reading from her and weeks later I am still processing everything she was able to tap into and guide me through. Ancestral wounds, past lives, current blocks... we truly dove into it all. The meditations allowed me to fully fall with Hilary in complete trust and love. This opening and sharing was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. I wish I had the words to truly bring to life what a reading with Hilary is like, but this is where words fail. You will understand when you have a session with her. Her voice, her heart, her enduring care of your well being will move and change you. I highly recommend working with Hilary."


"Hilary is a freaking gem. There is pretty much no one I would rather have in a room with me working in common theme of a project. She is basically a unicorn with the best energy ever but then masterfully she is also really really good at her job!

Honestly I have never met with or worked with anyone like her. You will be the luckiest person in the world if you work with her for your higher aims. Most Truly!”


"Loved my session, I felt so much lightness, affirmation, and release!! Hilary radiates love and compassion, and her messages were clear and concise, with the opportunity to go deeper if I didn't understand what the Records were communicating. Even in the opening meditation, I felt layers of stress melt away, and I have new supportive practices based on guidance from the session."


"The reading was magical! I was in awe at the guidance you provided from the Masters, Teachers and Loved ones. Everything you said resonated and made so much sense. The way you deliver the messages is truly a gift! Thank you!"


"I am SO grateful I found Hilary and that she did my first Akashic Records Reading. She made me feel beyond comfortable and is such a lovely human being with the best personality. She has such a gift of articulating the Records. I learned so much about myself and about my family. And so much about my past, present, and future. I had been in a state of constant stress for weeks and our reading gave me the clarity and advice I NEEDED. I was able to release all the stress and see my current problems with new eyes and a much healthier perspective. The stress that had been consuming my mind and body completely released. So much healing occurred in one hour it is absurd! Definitely looking forward to working with her again and I could not recommend her more :)"


“It was like a culmination of a bunch of beautiful "aha's" that deeply resonated on a soul level! It was the perfect reminder that I'm on the right path. And I needed that."

- Madeleine

"I felt so incredibly inspired after our meeting and not in my usual lackadaisical way. I truly wanted to take action. I'm going to get that book and start pursuing my work in earnest, after all, there's only so many times I can hear the same thing and ignore it. Thanks again for providing this insight and time and I look forward to looking into more of your offerings moving forward as this one was so transformative to me, even if only 30 minutes."


"The clarity I gained from my session with Hilary is unparalleled. I feel embodied in my destiny more than ever AND I have the path to get there."


"In all honesty, it was the most profound hour of my life. I'm not exaggerating when I say that it was shifting and clarifying for me on a fundamental level."


"Hilary is a powerful healer and channel of Divine messages. She brought forth profound insights during our reading, and I look forward to working with her again in the future."

- Christine

I loved my session with Hilary. From the opening meditation to the way that she was able to navigate my Records, and go deeper and deeper into my questions, I felt guided and completely seen. My session was so helpful and insightful, and I am excited to apply what I learned to not only some of my inner self-work but also to my business."


"Hilary has the powerful gift of delivering messages in a kind, compassionate, and supportive way while inspiring you to take action. In my Akashic Records Reading with Hilary, she shared messages that were aligned with what I knew to be true, but in a way that presented a new path forward that I had yet to see myself. Her support and guidance using the Records and her intuition has been pivotal to my personal and professional development. I highly recommend a session with Hilary if you are looking for guidance, clarity, and a roadmap for how to move forward."


"I'm still buzzing from yesterdays reading. I feel a new sense of freedom to go after the career I have always visualized for myself. Everything you said was reaffirming what I've believed deep down inside but have failed to pursue. You were right when you said I'm a lifelong student. I love to learn but that doesn't mean I need more training and education to start offering yoga sessions and incorporating other healing modalities I find interesting. I can do this. I know it. And you confirmed it." 


"My experience was very wonderful! I went in not knowing what to expect and left feeling empowered and inspired. I gained so much knowledge about myself and my journey."


"I had such a beautiful and life-affirming session with Hilary. Her guidance from the Records on my questions left me feeling on purpose and energized. I felt the doubt and second-guessing of my current path fall away and now feel so much excitement and gratitude for what the future holds. Hilary has such a beautiful and nurturing energy and is extremely gifted in what she does."


"Hilary has a precious gift. She delivered messages that resonated deeply with me and she shared them with such grace. The session was so healing and connected me to parts of myself I had forgotten about. I’m truly grateful, thank you!"


"Hilary is a multidimensional Akashic Records powerhouse. I came with my questions and she and the Records gave me so much beauty and wisdom. Every session with Hilary is a gift from the Divine."


"I cannot thank Hilary enough for this experience. The entire session was handled so well -- she's both incredibly professional but also wildly gifted. I felt very at peace afterwards; very grounded. If nothing else, this session allowed me to regain some (much needed!) confidence in myself and my future (though it really did so much more). Thank you again, sweet Hilary."


"Hilary held such a beautiful space. My session was confirmation of what I already knew but Hilary’s response was so validating for my human self. I would like to thank you Hilary for bringing your beautiful energy and holding sacred space for me. My only wish was the session was longer!"


"Thank you again for the reading. It has already proven to be a huge help. I feel so much more grounded, hopeful, and clear about moving into this next chapter. I've noticed a shift in my stress levels since our reading since I have a deeper understanding of what my soul has been going through and (the keyword) an appreciation for the journey I've been on so far. I know going back and listening to our session will help me a lot during tough times and keep me focused on what's really important.

I'm so so grateful to you for being the messenger of these powerful messages. I will be sure to keep in touch and let you know how things are going!"


"This session was just so informative and healing. We went on a long journey to get the clarity I needed. I went in with so many questions and reached the other side feeling a huge weight had been shifted from my shoulders. Really profound. Of course — now I want to go back into the Records and down more rabbit holes to discover more and more! Hilary is a true healing guide, creating a very calming and sacred space for self-discovery and healing (her voice is so soothing). Oh, I'll be back."


"I had my first Akashic Records reading experience with Hilary and I am so happy that it was with her. Hilary is compassionate, patient, and held the space for me to bring forth all the inner thoughts/feelings I had been having at the time. The experience was a very enlightening, reassuring, and a truly beautiful one for me. I mused over our session and the insights I gained for days after and will carry them with me for a very long time."


"Hilary was humble and graceful. This session really helped me to build my trust in divine timing. I don't know how to explain it but I feel really confident about my future now. I got answers for questions I have been seeking for a long time!"


“Hilary is a game-changing consistent ally in my growth as a human, as a soul, and as an entrepreneur.”


"My Akashic Records Reading with Hilary was amazing and so much fun! She holds space for you to receive information that is for your highest good. It was funny /insightful /loving /emotional ( in a good way ). So thankful for her beautiful insight and would definitely recommend a session with her if you are seeking guidance or clarity."


"I had an incredible Records reading with Hilary! I’m so thrilled with the entire experience! So many aspects of my life and my purpose were validated by this reading and the fact that it is recorded and I am able to access the reading for continued reference is a huge bonus."


"My experience was amazing! I felt comfortable with her and that was important to me. I loved the meditation! I wish I had her as a meditation teacher. As for the session, she was accurate and she helped me out with some things. I will be coming back and I will definitely recommend people."


"My session with Hilary was nothing short of extraordinary. Her clear channeling and supportive approach with reading the Records allowed me to gain the full clarity and trust with the necessary next steps in my life. Before my session, I was feeling unsure and quite lost and afterward, I was clear and aligned."


"Hilary was grounded, thoughtful, passionate, and compassionate. Her energy was welcoming and calming, and it is evident she is dedicated to this work both for herself and in serving others. I felt so blessed to have had this time with her to make further self-inquiries and validate a few things I knew deep down to be true, while gaining insight into other aspects of my Self and my life to consider moving forward. I immediately wrote excitedly in my journal after our session and am so curious to see how life unfolds with Hilary's newfound guidance (via Universe itself)."


"In one session with Hilary, I was able to gain clarity around a block that has been affecting me my WHOLE LIFE. She helped me identify a clear plan to address and heal the block, and I’ve already started seeing more ease show up in my life and business. 

When I went to Hilary, I wasn’t really sure what I was looking for, but I know I needed clarity in my business. Hilary’s guidance has helped me find clarity. In gaining a clear vision, and removing blocks standing in my way, I’ve been able to generate over $40,000 of additional revenue for my business. Booking a session with her was absolutely pivotal for my growth, personally and professionally.

If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, I suggest a clarity session with Hilary. Not only is she full of love and light, she helped me identify what I REALLY wanted, and developed a plan of actionable steps for me to actually get there. I continue to book her services on an as-needed basis and she is absolutely integral to my personal and professional growth."


"I connected with Hilary after a couple of huge life changes were happening ie. moving across the country, finding my way in a new career path, juggling what seemed to be endless self doubt etc. My first two sessions with Hilary I gained clarity, I gained insight, and most importantly, I was finally bringing myself to answer really hard questions. Hilary has a gift of truly listening to what I was going through, in a way that I not only felt heard but I felt understood FINALLY. She has a way of giving perspective where perspective is needed, encouragement where courage is lost, and insight where knowledge was hidden. While I continue to have sessions with Hilary every week, I continue to LEARN more about myself, my journey, and my passions. Most rewardingly, I find myself reflecting on our weekly conversations when I surprise myself with the changes I make in everyday life. With Hilary's help, I have learned to TRUST myself, that I AM good enough, that my OWN insight and my knowledge is reliable. Forever grateful to have met and worked with Hilary. She has truly changed the way I look at things, and in a broader sense, my life. Thank you!"


"In need of healing, I reached out to Hilary and it was the best choice I could've made! Her empathy and compassion made it feel like I had reconnected with an old friend. She was able to create a space that felt comfortable. I could embrace every emotion as it emerged and was constantly supported by her. Even through certain overwhelming, uncomfortable feelings she knew exactly when I needed guidance and encouragement. By the end of the first session there was already a sense of clarity and empowerment. 

Working with Hilary was honestly such a beautiful, fulfilling experience. It has quickly become one of my favorite self-care routines and I’m very excited for what’s to come in our future sessions!"


"Where has Hilary been all my life? Within one session, Hilary helped me identify the stories I was telling myself that prevented me from living life on my terms, and get more organized than I have ever been personally and professionally. Hilary provides the perfect balance of wisdom and humor, toughness and grace, which makes working with her a delight. I am so glad to have connected to her!"


"A truly beautiful experience. I felt held, guided and clear. So very blessed to have had this reading. I encourage all who are looking for guidance + alignment within self to book a session!"


"There is no word count big enough for how much my brain, body and spirit were blown apart by this new experience. I felt so held, spoken to and seen in this session. Any hesitations or skepticism I had melted off of my body the second Hilary opened the records. What I was given there was truth, assurance and revelation. I will hold this experience close for the rest of my life."


When Hilary opened my Records I felt a strong vibrational shift. For me, the reading was profound and resonant. Big themes came up which I think will move me toward greater clarity in my life. It was an eye opening experience and I’m grateful to Hilary.


"My experience with Hilary was incredible! I have felt so much lighter ever since. I felt so seen, heard and felt by her. In just an hour, she provided invaluable insights that have incited quite a few, much needed & long overdue "a-ha moments" -- giving me the permission, mostly, to lean into my soul's desires and become my most authentic self. The only way I can explain it is that I feel freer. I am deeply grateful for her gifts, her spirit, and how she held space for me!"


"I am mind-blown by the amount of insight I received through Hilary. I feel so much more in alignment with my soul's purpose, and it's thanks to her. What a gift - Thank you."


 "Thank you so, so much for creating this offering. It has truly has given me so much permission to listen to my intuition and you've completely strengthened and changed my spiritual practice from one of superstition to one of connection, collaboration and trust."


"Having an akashic record reading with Hilary was a beautiful and transformational experience. I was affirmed that I am on the right path and that I need to trust in my own unique gifts instead of constantly comparing myself to others. Having the reminder that joy and intuition are my compasses to alignment was so pivotal in getting me out of a spiral of stress and anxiety."

- Julie

"My session truly affirmed for me that everything I'm working on is exactly what I should be doing at this time!"


"I don't think I can adequately express in words how it felt to be SO SEEN during our session. You came to me like an angel, whispering very strong words, stating very clear facts, all of it was so true and real in this timeline, in this moment. I will forever be impacted by you and your gifts. I feel far more at ease venturing into this new phase of my life, surrendering and trusting in spirit."


"My session with Hilary was pure magic. I felt incredibly SEEN and that in itself was a healing. It was the precise medicine I needed. The messages were "spot on" accurate woven with so much clarity and tenderness. Hilary creates a safe and rich space, so deep work can be accessed. The Record Keepers and Hilary gave me so much hope and a loving reminder from my soul that I don't have to be in fear. I can trust. I am safe. I am held."