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I have been quiet here on the blog and on social media as I’ve been deep in the creative cave. It’s been a season of transition and transformation, and I’ve been taking time to move through it behind the scenes before sharing more widely. This has been an intentional choice that has served me — and I believe it will serve you, my community, moving forward. 

Now, I feel refreshed, grounded, and excited to begin opening up again. I want to catch you up on my life, business, personal journey, and the lessons I’ve learned recently. Now that we’ve moved into a new year and I’ve moved into a new season, I want to re-introduce myself — who I am now, what I am valuing most, and how I plan to serve you in 2024 and beyond.

In this post, WE WILL EXPLORE:

  • My transformative journey over the past six months

  • My takeaways and learnings from 2023

  • My intentions for 2024

  • How I plan to show up in my business this year 

Reflecting On The Journey

My word for 2023 was ‘SERVICE.’ I felt a deep call to serve my community and evolve my business in new ways. Looking back, I believe I embodied that intention. However, the details unfolded in a completely unexpected way. Isn’t that how it always is? That we learn the most from the circumstances we never predicted. 

At the beginning of 2023, I released the name The Dreamerie and stepped into using my own name for my business. Since then, it’s been a process of integration. 

I launched The Akashic Portal Membership and App. However, I realized that while the membership model is wonderful for some entrepreneurs, it felt unaligned for me. I poured so much work and energy into The Portal, but it felt exhausting instead of nourishing. Over the summer, I hit a point of burnout. I listened to my body and my intuition when they told me that it was time to step back and rest. I decided to pause the membership. I was proud of myself for creating it, but I was even prouder that I instinctively knew when to release it. 

That decision inspired a deep inward journey. I reached out to a longtime confidante, my coach Emily Walker. We started working together, and she supported me in restructuring my business. The first step was a reset. I took all of my offerings offline. For the first time in years, I wasn’t selling anything. Instead, I brought all my focus to serving my current clients and reflecting on how I could make my business feel good again. 

I realized this started with making myself feel good. That led me to my first solo international trip, a retreat in the South of France in October. I haven’t done much traveling because of my chronic illness and fatigue. This trip was out of my comfort zone, but it was so worth it. It felt completely transformational. (I’ll be sharing more about the retreat in a future blog.)

Overall, 2023 was the year I learned how to listen to myself and manage my energy. I had to surrender attachment in order to take care of myself. I leaned into rest, gentleness, and softness. Then in the second half of the year, I began to explore how I could harness this new softness and share it in practical, grounded ways that are supportive of my community. 

With that intention in my mind and heart, I want to share some of the most important lessons I learned last year. My hope is that some of these takeaways resonate with you, and make you feel seen on your own journey. 

My Biggest Takeaways From 2023

Let go of shame around ‘should’

I ‘should’ be working this many hours a day. I ‘should’ be posting on social media daily. I ‘should’ be showing up like everyone else is. For years, I was plagued by shoulds. I thought I had worked through those feelings, but I realized I still had a lot of residual shame. 

This came up most around social media. I thought that because I was posting inconsistently on Instagram that I was letting people down. I had to shed a lot of old stories and own the fact that it was time to do things my way. I realized that my heart was struggling to consolidate myself into 15 to 30-second clips. It wasn’t meant for me, so I let it go, knowing that my energy was best spent elsewhere and that was freeing. 

Redefine consistency 

This one goes hand in hand with my revelation about social media. For a long time, I defined consistency as posting or sharing a certain number of times per week. Moving forward, I want to define it as being clear with my intentions and what people can expect from me. 

With that in mind, I’ve decided to stay off social media and put more energy toward my blog and newsletter. I will also pour my time and dedication into serving my current clients as best as I possibly can. I’ve realized that I’m not a content creator or an influencer. I’m a teacher, guide, and space holder. That is how I can show up most consistently and authentically. 

Embrace my inner turtle

As many of you know, I live with chronic illness. (You can read more about my health story here.) In 2023, I started a new treatment that has really impacted my energy levels. I’m tired all the time, and I’ve had to learn to honor my energy. 

Instead of perceiving it as a burden, I’m choosing to see my slowness as a gift. I was given a physical reminder of this last year as I was cleaning out a closet and found my little turtle figurines. I remembered that during my transplant journey, I went to a spiritual store and picked out my spirit animal — a turtle. I surrounded myself with turtles during that time to give me strength. Finding those turtles felt healing because it reminded me that I am also slow, but steady. There is so much beauty in that, and I’ve learned to embrace my pace.


Last year, I also began the Embodied Intuitive Professional Training Program with Monica Carota (which I can’t recommend enough) so that I can become a better space holder. I have learned so much about how to show up for my community in a trauma-informed way. 

This program helped me take a step back and reevaluate every aspect of my work to make sure that I’m holding space for everyone’s experiences. I’ve always seen myself as a lifelong learner. The more I lean into my role as a student, the more I can feel grounded in my role as a guide. 

Focus on my own vision

In the past, I’ve found myself becoming distracted by other people’s messages and modalities. When you spend a lot of time scrolling on social media and consuming information, it’s easy to focus outward and become overwhelmed. 

To counteract this, I’ve committed to being very curated with what I allow into my field. That may mean unsubscribing, muting people’s accounts, or staying off social media altogether. Instead of worrying what other people will think of this, I’ve decided to prioritize myself. When I do this, my own vision is clearer. I feel more connected to my own channel. I can see what is meant for me and where my path leads. 

Lean EVEN MORE into the Akashic Records

More than ever, I relied heavily on my relationship with the Akashic Records. I asked the Records questions about my business, offerings, personal growth, and purpose. My connection to the Records tethered and grounded me in a swirling sea of change. 

A lot of what I gleaned from the Records is informing my intentions for this year.

Which leads me to…

What’s Coming In 2024

This year is all about quality over quantity. With that in mind, I have streamlined and refined my offerings in a way that feels truly exciting and expansive. I always pour my heart into everything I do, but something about this feels different. Every part of me is behind these offerings, and every detail has been intentionally curated for you. I can't wait for you to experience what’s to come!

Here’s a sneak peek: 

How To Read The Akashic Records

Our brand new and completely reimagined flagship course will be your step-by-step roadmap to having the most expansive experience available to you in your Akashic Records. Even after doing hundreds of readings, it never ceases to amaze me how potent the Records are. Stepping into a relationship with them can shift and expand your life in the most miraculous ways. It’s my greatest honor to guide you in this practical, grounding, and truly magical tool.

Learn more here.

The library

This resource will dive into the practical uses of the Akashic Records. It will explore how you can utilize the Records to illuminate different areas of your life — love and relationships, money, career, health, creativity, past lives, and purpose. I will take the questions that I see many people bringing to the Records and offer mini-coaching sessions on how to approach these questions, form follow-ups, and what to expect from the Records. The Library will be a living, breathing resource, so you can always find new knowledge. 

Learn more here.


I will be bundling three of my most popular self-study courses: Creating Alignment, Cultivating Inner Awareness, and Clearing Space. Each of these courses explores a different facet of how to step into your power as a healer. You’ll learn to master your energy, harness your emotions, and release physical items, relationships, and stories that are no longer serving you. Each of these courses is powerful on their own — together, they will be even more transformative. 

Learn more here.


For those that are ready to immerse themselves on their Akashic journey, The Akashic Portal will become a 12-month all-access pass for all of my courses and app. You will also receive access to the private podcast with the ability to submit questions and have them answered by me.

Learn more here.


As I mentioned before, I will be dedicating energy to the blog and newsletter this year. This is where you’ll find education and support around the Records, tools for personal growth, and my own reflections and thoughts as I move through my journey right alongside you. Keep an eye on the blog and in your inbox.

My Highest Intention For 2024: Creating Space

My word for 2024 is ‘SPACIOUSNESS.’ Both in my business and personal life, I want everything to feel spacious, slow, and intentional. I want to take my time to create offerings that feel aligned, connect with my community and family, have deep conversations, and feel truly present in my life. I hope to support you to create space in your life, too.

What else do you want to see from me? How else can I serve you? Would you like me to start a substack, revisit podcasting, or something completely different? I invite you to reach out to me personally and let me know. Your feedback means the world to me and I always want to create what is in highest service to you!

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