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The Akashic Records are a powerful tool to help you tap into your intuition and build trust with yourself. In this post, you’ll find 10 grounding practices to connect to your intuition.

Trust your intuition — just go with your gut.

We hear this advice all the time, especially in the spirituality and wellness world, but what does it actually mean to listen to your intuition? How do you even hear it, and how do you know to trust it? 

My intention with this post is to pull back the veil on intuition because it is not mysterious or elusive — it lies within all of us, and I am here to help you access and affirm your intuition through the Akashic Records. 

In this post, we will explore:

  • What intuition is
  • The differences between intuition and ego 
  • What disconnects you from your intuition 
  • How the Akashic Records helps you trust your intuition 
  • Practices to build trust with your intuition before entering the Akashic Records
  • Practices to build trust with your intuition within the Akashic Records


What is intuition?

The dictionary definition of intuition is, “the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.” Diving deeper, your intuition is an energy that lies within you. It’s an innate knowing that lives in your body and your Soul. 

In today’s world, most of us live in our heads most of the day. We’re constantly overthinking, analyzing, and processing in our brains. Intuition isn’t about thinking — it’s about creating space to connect to and trust your inner knowing. 

Do we all have intuition?

The short answer is yes! We all have intuition and it’s accessible to everyone. Your intuition is constantly communicating with you in different ways — it may be a quiet voice in your mind, a feeling in your body, or an energetic shift you experience around you. The key is learning to listen and cultivate trust in your intuition so you can hear it more clearly. 

Your intuition is a soft, gentle, and subtle energy. If it wants to tell you something, it won’t bang you over the head with the message. It will whisper it to you, and that message may only come once. The invitation here is to create space to connect to your intuition so you don’t miss those important messages. 

Why do I feel disconnected from my intuition?

Here are some signs you may be disconnected from your intuition: 

  • You feel lost or unsure of what steps to take

  • You feel stuck or paralyzed by the idea of making decisions 

  • You’re constantly questioning your decisions

  • You struggle with overthinking, nagging, and looping thoughts

  • You don’t trust yourself in big or small ways

If any (or all) of these sound familiar, know that you’re not alone. In today’s society, we’re so conditioned to follow the masculine analytical paradigm that we so often neglect to nurture our feminine intuitive knowing.

There are many reasons you may be feeling disconnected from your intuition: 

  • You’re feeling stressed and anxious: When we’re stressed, our bodies activate our sympathetic nervous system (aka “fight or flight” mode). In this state, your body and mind cannot be relaxed, grounded, and present. Your body is so concerned with fighting off the immediate “threat” that it can’t focus on anything else. In this state, you will often miss or ignore those intuitive messages. 

  • You’re listening to your ego: Your ego and your intuition are not the same thing, and they are often at odds. When your ego wants to get something across, it will be louder, harsher, and more repetitive. When you hear that mean voice in your head that is comparing you to others or telling you you “should” do something, that’s your ego talking. If you give in and listen to the shouts of your ego, you will miss the whispers of your intuition. 

  • You’re relying on the opinions of others: When you don’t trust yourself, it is tempting to lean on others to help you form your opinions, and even your identity. This goes for small questions (Should I buy these shoes?) and big ones (Should I take this job?). When you become reliant on others’ voices, it is taking you further away from your own voice.

I know we’ve spent a lot of time talking about why you may be disconnected from your intuition. It’s important to understand that so you realize that if you’re in that place, there is no judgment. Recognizing it is your first step toward building trust with your intuition. 

Your intuition is like a muscle that can be strengthened through regular and consistent practices. So now let’s move into how you can strengthen that trust muscle. 

How to trust your intuition within the Akashic Records

The Akashic Records are a powerful way to tap into your intuition. Think of the Records as a beautiful tool to reaffirm your intuition’s subtle energy. 

When you enter the Akashic Records, you always receive the information that is in your highest good. The messages you receive are rarely shocking or new. Usually they reaffirm something you already knew deep down. You may have been getting whispers from your intuition already, and the Records will amplify and affirm them. 

The Records are simply an invitation to slow down and recognize that, “Yes, I did receive that. It was already within me. I can trust myself.” 

I love the Akashic Records because they empower you to tap into the infinite resources within yourself. Utilizing the Records to deepen your self trust is truly a magical experience!

Practices to build trust with your intuition before you enter the Akashic Records:

The best way to connect to your intuition is to make more space in your life and set aside time for grounding practices. This will help you slow down, be present, and be in a place of receiving, so that you are open to hearing intuitive messages from your Soul.

Here are some of my favorite grounding practices to connect to your intuition featured from the The Akashic Portal:

1) Spend time with yourself

Set aside time for yourself to just BE, without expectations or demands on your energy. Try to put aside distractions like your phone or TV. Instead, be with yourself in a way that soothes you. For me, that could be taking a bath, going for a walk, listening to music, or simply watching the clouds. It’s in this quiet that you’ll be able to hear yourself. If being alone feels uncomfortable (and it very well may!), I invite you to look at why that is. Ask yourself, “What about this scares me? What am I afraid to uncover here?” You can even journal on this. The answers may surprise you!

2) Ask yourself questions — and listen to the answers

Start small with this practice. You can ask your body, “What kind of movement do you need today” or “What meal will most nourish you?” You can ask your Soul, “What do I want to do with my Sunday?” Listen for the answer and follow through! The more you take action on the small things, the more big messages will come through. 

3) Do a grounding meditation

When you enter an Akashic Records reading, you don’t want to go in feeling rushed or off balance. Meditation helps to ground your energy so you can be in a space of receiving. That’s why I encourage some sort of meditation or grounding practice before you enter the Records. 

I also suggest it as a daily ritual to ground into your day. As I mentioned before, when you’re feeling stressed, you’re more likely to miss or ignore subtle intuitive messages. Meditation opens up spaciousness for you to receive all that is meant for you. 

You can find beautiful grounding meditations in the The Akashic Portal. Learn more and access the meditations here

4) Practice breathwork

Breathwork is another modality in your toolkit to help you feel grounded and open to receiving. You can practice a simple breathing technique such as box breathing (inhale for 4 seconds, hold at the top for 4 seconds, exhale for 4 seconds, hold at the bottom for 4 seconds). 

You can also find a more in-depth guided breathwork practice in The Akashic Portal.

5) Free write

Our minds are often filled with so many thoughts, worries, and questions that it can feel overwhelming. With all this present, there’s no wonder we often don’t have room for our intuition to come through. 

Free writing is a practice that can help you release all those looping thoughts to make space in your life. All you have to do is take pen to paper and simply write whatever comes to mind — let it flow through you without expectation or judgement. It will feel so freeing!

6) Connect with nature

One of my personal favorite practices is getting outside and walking in nature. When I have my feet on the Earth, I instantly feel more grounded and connected. When I am connected to the Earth, I feel more connected to myself, my intuition, my guides, and the Divine.

Practices to build trust with your intuition within the Akashic Records:

1) Go into the Records consistently

It is so important to go into the Records often and consistently. The more you experience the powerful and affirming feeling of being in the Records, the more trust you will build in yourself. Your intuition will strengthen each time!

2) Go in without expectations

Going into the Akashic Records does not need to look or feel a certain way. Everyone receives messages from the Records and from their intuition differently. This is an invitation to surrender to however you were meant to receive Divine guidance.

3) Trust the messages you receive

The Records will give you the messages that are in your highest good. When you trust these messages, you are sending a loud and clear signal that you are trusting yourself and you are open to receiving more guidance.

4) Take action 

Hearing a message from your intuition is a beautiful thing, but recognize that it is simply a step in your journey. The next step is taking action on that message. In taking that initiative, you are co-creating with the Divine. 


You are constantly receiving messages from your intuition. Through the Akashic Records and simple grounding practices, you can learn to trust and strengthen your intuition to co-create your dream life.

Want to learn more grounding practices to connect to your intuition on a deeper level?

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