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Ahead of the New Year, I am sharing my personal reflections and behind-the-scenes highlights from my business in 2021, as well as my intentions moving forward into 2022. This post is an invitation to your own self-inquiry practice. Let’s be open to receiving what the next year brings and honor the journey together!

In this post, you will learn:

  • The importance of reflection and intention setting

  • Self-inquiry questions to look back on 2021 and move forward into 2022

  • My personal and business highlights of 2021

  • My intentions for 2022


As we close out 2021 and move into the New Year, I want to create space for us all to reflect. The past year has been challenging for the collective as we continue to move through a global pandemic while navigating our own careers, families, wellness, spiritual journeys, and beyond. 

It is so important to honor where we’ve been, what we’ve gone through, and how we’ve continued to show up for ourselves and others even during intense times. None of us have navigated this “perfectly” — the beauty is in showing up imperfectly. This is how we continue to learn and evolve. 

To celebrate the lessons of 2021 and look ahead to 2022, I invite you to set aside time to journal. You can use the self-inquiry questions below to guide you or you can free write in a way that feels resonant to you. 

Self-Inquiry Questions:

  • What were my highlights of 2021? 

  • What am I most proud of? 

  • How have I evolved in the past year? 

  • As I move into 2022, what will I release?

  • In the new year, what will I invite in? 

  • What are my intentions for the year ahead?

My 2021 Reflections:

For me, this year has been full of deep contractions and expansions. This was the year I really stepped into sharing the Akashic Records and felt more aligned with my purpose, while also navigating this global pandemic, getting settled in a new home in Florida, and creating a life here. I want to share some of the things I’m moving through in my business and personally to invite you even more into my journey.

Business Highlights:

Stepped into sharing the Akashic Records

This year I felt like I truly tapped into my purpose to share this magical tool and bring it to more people. The Akashic Records have guided me in launching and growing my business, navigating my move, my health journey, my relationships, and beyond. It’s my mission to support as many people as possible to connect to the Record’s infinite wisdom. Over the past year, I have shared more than ever about the Akashic Records here on this blog, in my newsletter, on Instagram, and through my course creation (more on that later!). 

Built my new website

This was the year came to life! I poured my entire heart into creating this site and was really intentional about how I wanted everything to look and feel. It was a long journey and took a lot of trial and error, and now I am so proud to share it with you.

Opened up my mentorship container

Since I started The Dreamerie, I wanted to create a space to offer more personalized support. The Alignment Mentorship is an intimate container of co-creation and inviting in Miracles. Working with people 1-on-1 through the mentorship program has been the most beautiful and expansive experience.

If you feel called to it, I have one spot left in my January mentorship!

Expanded my course creation

In addition to Inner Alchemy and How To Read the Akashic Records, this year I launched my third course, Coming Home To Yourself. I love course creation because it is a journey that is as much about the inner work as the outer product. Every time I create a new offering, it takes me on an unexpected journey of discovery about myself, what I’ve learned, and how my creativity wants to be expressed. On a personal level, the act of sharing courses is deeply vulnerable because I’m putting myself out there with every offering. That vulnerability comes with contraction but also so much expansion. I love the process, and I am looking forward to creating even more next year! 

Booked out Akashic Records readings

I am both proud and humbled to share that I booked out Akashic Records readings through the end of the year. Personalized readings are such a special and potent experience! After some reflection, I decided to pause one-off readings for the beginning of next year to focus my energy on community offerings, courses, and the mentorship program. I will keep you updated when I open up readings again!

Supported people in creating their conscious businesses

Over the last year, I’ve seen a consistent pattern of more and more people coming to me to help them discover their purpose and create a conscious business that aligns with their Soul and serves the collective. I’ve felt called to offer even deeper support in the area of intuitive entrepreneurship, so I will be expanding into that next year. 

Collaborated on podcasts

I was deeply honored to be a guest on several podcasts this year — podcasting is such a special medium and I loved connecting in this way. You can listen to the podcast episodes here.

Grown my community

This highlight is all thanks to you! I am so grateful to have you as part of The Dreamerie community, and I can’t wait to connect and support you next year.

Personal Highlights: 

Settled into a new city

I am starting to find my footing and flow in Florida. I have discovered so much beauty in being close to family, living near the beach, and having warm weather. Living in the place where I grew up with family also triggered some shadow and illuminated areas that still need healing. That is all part of the process, and I am trying to be very present in where I am now.

Continued my health journey

I have still been navigating my Ramsay Hunt diagnosis and getting regular treatments, which has been challenging. Emotionally there have been some very high highs and low lows. I am receiving a lot of support from my loved ones around my health. I am also honoring the journey of healing while leading a business. This year, I stopped looking at what everyone else was doing and how fast they were working and started to honor the pace that I am meant to move. When I am not feeling well, I allow myself more rest. When I do show up, I am giving 150% for my clients and community.

Prioritized relationships in my life

I have focused even more of my energy on nurturing my relationship with Dan and really showing up for my friends and family. I have committed more deeply to my own therapy and couples therapy so I am continually evolving myself and in my most sacred relationships. 

Explored plant medicine

This year I went on my first plant medicine journey and experimented with microdosing and the healing power of plants. If you’re interested in learning more about mushrooms, I highly recommend watching the Netflix documentary Fantastic Fungi

Surrendered more to Source

This was the year I surrendered to being available to Miracles in my business and relationships. I’ve explored the A Course In Miracles text, and I’ve learned more than ever that it’s OK to release expectations, take it one step at a time, and really honor what is coming through moment by moment. 

My 2022 Intentions: 

Weave rest throughout my schedule

My intention is to really honor what my body is communicating to me, and to not allow myself to get to a place of burnout or exhaustion. I want to continue to be in a place of trust that creativity and abundance can flow easily; I don’t have to push. 

Work in ways that feel good

I typically find myself sitting at my computer at least 8 hours a day. I could walk to the pool or go to the beach and work outside, but I never do. This is the time to ask myself, ‘why not?’ I created my own business to have more flexibility and freedom in my work. I am giving myself permission to make a schedule that honors my energy and work when and where it feels good. I know I will feel more creative and productive when I do this. 

Continue to receive support in my business

This has been an ongoing journey of magnetizing the right people who can support me to hold the vision of my business together. It takes a lot of trust and surrender — something I’m continually learning and working on as an entrepreneur. 

Make more space

For reading, course creation, intuitive movement, and anything else that ignites my Soul!

Go into the New Year with an open mind and open heart

We never know exactly what’s in store for us. My intention is to trust that whatever is meant for me will unfold in Divine timing. I want to continue to surrender to and honor life’s journey.

Lead with love

This is my intention always, and I will keep it at the forefront of everything I do in 2022 and beyond.


Thank you for allowing me the space to reflect! I invite you to do your own self-inquiry practice — whatever that looks like for you. If you feel comfortable sharing, I would love to read some of your reflections in the comments below or you can share with me on Instagram @hilarypearlson. I’m excited to move into the New Year and honored to have you here for this journey!

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