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Discovering past lives through the Akashic Records is a beautiful way to add more context to our experiences, understand how our past lives influence our present, and release what doesn’t belong to us so we can heal and move forward.

IN THIS POST, we will dive into:

  • How to discover past lives through the Akashic Records

  • What is a Soul contract

  • Who are the Masters

  • How discovering past lives can influence the present 

  • What to expect when asking the Akashic Records about past lives

  • Questions to ask the Akashic Records about past lives


Each Soul is on a journey through countless lifetimes, and we all have many, many past lives. These lifetimes, while behind us, still impact our present in big and small ways that we may not even be aware of. Something you’re experiencing right now could be connected to a past life, or you could be fulfilling a Soul contract that you brought into this lifetime.  

Past lives are a beautiful backdrop providing more detail and color to illuminate the present. The Akashic Records are a powerful tool for discovering past lives and uncovering their lessons. 

What is a Soul contract? 

Your Soul has a purpose to fulfill — maybe you’re here to be a leader, a healer, a mother, or to shift people’s perspectives. To fulfill your Soul contract is to be in alignment with your Soul’s purpose. As you go through your lifetimes, you may or may not fulfill this purpose, and you will continue to come back until you accomplish it. 

You also have Soul contracts with other people, whether that is family, friends, acquaintances, or people who come into your life specifically to support your healing and your Soul’s evolution. Whatever forms they take, your Souls are meant to connect and learn from one another. 

The beauty of the Akashic Records is that you don’t need to guess what your Soul contracts are; you can ask. Through the Records, you are accessing the energy of your Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones. The Masters are non-physical beings who have been guiding your Soul on its journey through every lifetime, so you are tapping into that resource to explore your past lives. 

Why explore past lives through the Akashic Records? 

The purpose of discovering past lives through the Records is not to get lost in the past — it’s to understand yourself more deeply in the present. 

If you did not fulfill your Soul’s purpose in previous lives, it could be impacting your actions in this life. For example, imagine a woman who spent many lifetimes as a homemaker, although she had dreams of starting her own business. That dream wasn’t available to her in past lives. In this life, the dream is within her reach, but something in her believes that it’s impossible, that it’s not meant for her. That belief isn’t hers — it belongs in the past. 

This is just one example. I’ve worked with many people who have experiences, fears, or traumas that do not feel like theirs — everything from a fear of flying, to claustrophobia, to limiting beliefs holding them back.

If this is you, you may ask, “Where is this coming from? Why is this so intimidating? Why do I not feel safe?” 

And the answer may be found in another lifetime. 

Exploring past lives gives you more context and insight. When you come to realize that something isn’t yours to carry, it’s an invitation to release it and heal. You can move forward knowing that you are safe in this life. You can bring that chapter to a close and open your heart to new possibilities.

What can I expect to discover about past lives with the Akashic Records?

I invite you to go into the Records with an open mind, an open heart, and no expectations. For some people, a lot will come through about past lives. Sometimes one past life comes through, sometimes two or three. The past lives that are illuminated typically carry the most potent insights about what is present in your current life. 

What comes through about your past lives is usually not a surprise. It often reaffirms what you already knew and helps you come back even more fully into who you are. 

In some readings, not much will come through about past lives at all. If this happens, please don’t be discouraged — this is simply an invitation to be grounded in the present moment. Trust that your guides will give you as much insight about your past lives as you need to know right now. Your guides are always acting to serve your highest good. 

Questions to ask the Akashic Records about discovering past lives:

I invite you to start with more broad questions such as:

  • What is important for me to know about my past lives?
  • How are my past lives influencing this life?
  • How many past lives have I lived?
  • What roles have I played in past lives?
  • What kind of Soul contracts did I bring into this life?

Then you can ask more niche questions related to specific situations or traits such as:

  • What past life is related to [insert current issue here]?

  • What happened during this past life that is contributing to this issue?

  • How was [insert person/animal/place] and I connected in a past life?

  • What past life is causing me to feel [insert emotion here]?

  • How did I express my spiritual gifts in past lives?

  • How have I expressed my creativity in past lives?

  • What was my health like in past lives?


Discovering past lives through the Akashic Records can help you understand yourself more deeply, but it doesn’t define you in any way. Exploring previous lifetimes isn’t about getting lost in the past; it’s about grounding in the present and embodying the truth of who you are. 

Want to discover past lives through the Akashic Records?

For those who are both new to the Records or have been experimenting with them for some time, this membership offers a practical and grounded approach to accessing the Akashic Records.


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