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The first week of September, Dan and I drove to Manchester, VT to celebrate our ten year anniversary at The Equinox Resort, one of our favorite places to visit (especially this time of year)! It is a four-hour drive from Brooklyn and once you make it out of the city, it is a beautiful scenic journey through Upstate New York into the mountains of Vermont.

Nature really is the ultimate healer and as a double earth sign (Taurus sun/Virgo rising) living in the city, I crave time to just be amongst the trees, mountains, moon, and stars. It is when I feel the happiest and most like myself. Needless to say, this trip was nourishing on all levels - mind, body and spirit.

Packing for our trip to Manchester, Vermont


Fall isn't officially until September 23rd but it has begun in Vermont. With warm days and cool nights I overpacked a bit to make sure I was comfortable. This Vince teddy jacket is one of my favorite recent purchases (similar options here and here) and I wore it every day we were there, Adidas Stan Smiths are a closet staple, bathing suits for the indoor pool and hot tub, a silk slip dress for layering, and t-shirts for hiking.

I packed everything in my new Lo & Sons weekender which I can't recommend enough. It has a compartment underneath to store shoes and holds the perfect amount for a weekend away or as a carry-on bag for a longer trip. 

Pro packing tip: I love using these bags that Dan discovered to sort all of our clothes and make it super easy to get dressed throughout the week.

From where I stand

Manchester, Vermont

Nestled in the Green Mountains, the charming town of Manchester is the perfect getaway any time of year. It has that small town feel while still having plenty to do. Hiking in the spring and summer, skiing in the winter, delicious farm-to-table meals and the most breathtaking views. 

Arriving at The Equinox Resort, est. 1769

The entrance of The Equinox Resort


The Equinox Resort

I really can't say enough wonderful things about The Equinox. This was our fourth time visiting the resort if that gives you a sense of how much we love it! It has become a bit of a tradition to come for our anniversary as it has everything we are looking for in a fall getaway. A small town, plenty to do (the outdoor hot tub and indoor swimming pool are amongst our favorites), hiking, delicious food, wonderful people and a place we can fully relax.

From the moment you set foot on the property, you get a sense of its rich history dating back to 1769. I personally love knowing more about the history of where I am staying, if you feel the same you can click here to learn more. The stunning, well-maintained property also sits directly in front of Mount Equinox, rising 3800 ft. as the tallest peak in the Taconic Mountain range.

Indoor swimming pool at The Equinox Resort

The most magical sunset from the outdoor hot tub

Breakfast at the resort before our hike up Mount Equinox

Eat + Drink


Up Stairs For Breakfast: A local spot that is a must-visit. You go up a flight of stairs into this intimate space for the best breakfast. You can't go wrong with anything on the menu.

Ye Old Tavern: This historic restaurant is a great spot for a dinner date. Originally built in 1790 it has gone through many evolutions with different owners, keeping the original structure through it all. You feel like you went back in time with the uneven floors and antique furniture. My only note is not to go if you are in a rush since our dinner came out quite slowly for these New Yorkers 😉

Social House: Great atmosphere and service, the tapas are delicious and it is so nice to be able to order a few things and share amongst the table.

Zoey's Double Hex: For a casual dinner at a local spot, this restaurant is wonderful. The menu is diverse and was a welcome addition to our favorite dining spots.

Season's Restaurant: A wonderful family-owned, healthy choice in town. The atmosphere is relaxed and there are plenty of yummy options for everyone.

Gringo Jacks: I am personally always craving Mexican food and this spot did not disappoint! 


Dorset Farmers Market: No trip to Vermont is complete until we visit the farmers market on Sunday. We went home with local raw honey, maple syrup, delicata squash, plenty of apples, a lions mane mushroom tincture, and lots of greens. You must go to this market! 

New Morning Natural Foods and Juicery: For a local health food store (not to mention the oldest in Manchester!), New Morning Natural Foods is your spot. Family-run for over 50 years, they have all the necessities you need.

Hiking Mount Equinox

My new favorite treat ~ Rebbl matcha latte

Reading at Northshire Bookstore

See + Do

The Spa at The Equinox: Where to even begin with this incredible spa! If you can, get "The Spirit of Vermont" treatment - a combination of massage, reflexology, and reiki. It is an incredibly relaxing and powerful experience.

Mount Equinox: If the weather is right for a hike, I wouldn't leave your time in Manchester without hiking Mount Equinox. There are a few different trails depending on your experience, it is one of my favorite activities to do when we visit and will instantly reconnect you with nature.

Skyline Drive: Take the drive up Mount Equinox, 5.2 miles long and 3,235 ft. in elevation with breathtaking panoramic views. From there you can also hike to lookout rock. 

The Pond: Take the easiest of the trails at Mount Equinox to arrive at The Pond, one of my favorite spots to visit. Also a lovely spot to meditate.

Northshire Bookstore: Truly one of the best bookstores I have ever been to. I spent hours in the Mind, Body, Spirit section reading books from all of my favorite authors. There is a few comfortable couches tucked away in the corners and I recommend picking a few books on your reading list and getting comfortable. I purchased "The Only Astrology Book You Will Ever Need" and "Becoming Supernatural".

The Outlets: You can't help but notice the outlets located in the middle of town. Stop by the Eileen Fisher outlet store for beautiful sustainably made items (I picked up these pants while we were there).

Hildene: The Lincoln family home is now an estate open to the public complete with exhibits, beautiful gardens, a goat farm, cheesemaking facility, and 12+ miles of walking trails.

Morning views at The Equinox Resort

Manifesting our future Goldendoodle

Local health food store ~ New Morning Natural Foods

Local raw honey at New Morning Natural Foods

Bulk herb section at New Morning Natural Foods

Light filtering through on our hike

Early morning hours at The Equinox Resort

The trail map and guide for Mount Equinox

The Pond at Mount Equinox, one of my favorite places on Earth

We spent a few hours with our feet in the grass - just talking and laying by the pond together

Clouds rolling in above Mount Equinox

Mushrooms at the farmers market

Soaking in every moment

The sunset on our last evening in Manchester

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