How To Protect Your Energy Around The Holidays



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The holiday season can be a beautiful yet also potent and triggering time of year. In this post, we’ll explore how to protect your energy and stand in your sovereignty.

Have you ever heard the Ram Dass quote, “If you think you are enlightened, go and spend a week with your family”? This resonates deeply with so many of us. 

The holiday season is a joyful opportunity to celebrate with loved ones. It is also a time of potent energy with travel, social gatherings, and family pressures. 

You may be surrounded by more people than usual, in a different environment, out of your routine, eating different foods, and separated from your daily self-care rituals. This can hold a mirror to your shadow parts and inevitably feel triggering. 

I invite you to practice presence this season and gently remind you that there is no right way to spend your time this holiday season. You are a sovereign being. You have the free will to make your own choices and the power to protect your energy without being pulled into others’ energetic fields. 

We will explore ways of protecting your energy before, during, and after the holidays so you can stay true to yourself. 

In this post, you will learn:

  • How to make a game plan to protect your energy going into the holidays

  • Advice to set energetic boundaries 

  • How to release attachment to routines 

  • Ways to practice presence and self-compassion 

  • Tools to ease back into your life after the holidays


Protecting Your Energy Before The Holidays 

Before you travel or spend time with family, make a game plan so you feel energetically prepared. Think about what events, circumstances, and people may feel triggering, and how you can handle those situations as they arise. 

Here are some prompts to reflect on:

  • What boundaries will I set around my time? 

  • What boundaries will I set around other people?

  • Where can I go when I need quiet and stillness?

  • Who can I turn to for support when things feel intense? 

  • If I do feel triggered, how will I respond?

I invite you to journal on these questions and write down agreements to yourself. Here are some examples:

  • I will set aside this many minutes or hours a day for alone time.

  • I will wake up before my family to meditate. 

  • I will take a daily walk outside in nature. 

  • I will not let this person cross this boundary. 

  • I will keep this part of my life sacred and private.

  • If I feel triggered, I will step away and call this friend.

Then, follow through on these agreements. Every time you keep your word to yourself, you are strengthening your sense of sovereignty and self-trust. And when you set boundaries with your loved ones, you are also respecting them and valuing that relationship. 

Another practice I love is to visualize yourself in a golden egg of light, an energetic shield around you. Allow yourself to feel the power you have to protect your energy. Hold this vision and bring it with you as you go into situations. 

Protecting Your Energy During The Holidays 

When you’re in the thick of things, it’s so important to meet yourself with grace and compassion — whatever comes up for you. Try to incorporate small practices that make you feel grounded such as going for walks, putting your feet in the grass, practicing breathing techniques, and meditating. 

You may be out of your morning routine or away from your everyday spiritual practices. When we are thrown out of our usual environments, we can either fight our new circumstances or accept them as they come. 

In the past, I found myself fighting these disruptions. There was a piece of me that needed to feel attached — to my routine, to certain ways of eating, to the pull of work and productivity.

The holidays are an opportunity to release those attachments and drop back into presence. Your work, your routine, and your food will all be there waiting when it’s time to go back to them. In the meantime, how can you live in the present moment?

This is also an invitation to look at your routine and ask yourself, “What can I bring in? What can I let go of? How can it be more fun and joyful?” 

Maybe instead of your typical breakfast, you make pancakes with your loved ones. Or instead of your usual workout, you jump in piles of leaves or play in the snow. Give yourself permission to do things out of the norm, and let your inner child out to play!

Protecting Your Energy After The Holidays  

After the potency of the holidays, continue to give yourself grace and ease back into your routine slowly. If something intense or challenging happened, call on your support team and nurturing practices to move through it.

You can call a friend, talk with your therapist, set up an acupuncture appointment, free write, do a creative project, get in a good sweat session, sit in the sauna — whatever works for you to expel energy. 

Remember, you have just been through something intense — whether positive or negative. Allow yourself the space to rejuvenate and come home to yourself. 

A message I channeled recently in the Akashic Records said, “No one is going to give you a pass. You have to give it to yourself.” 

You have the choice to be gentle with yourself. You are worthy of that choice!


You have the power to protect your energy during the potent holiday season. Take this as an invitation to stand in your sovereignty, practice presence, and cherish time with the ones you love most. 

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