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As an intuitive business owner, I leverage some essential tools to serve my audience, create content, and protect my own energy. In this post, I am giving you a behind-the-scenes look at these powerful tools and modalities. 


Are you a conscious entrepreneur?

If you have found your way here, it likely means that you lead — or are building — an intuitive business. So many people I work with feel called to entrepreneurship because it provides an outlet to use your unique abilities, serve the collective, and create an abundant, fulfilled life. As intuitive beings, we are meant to follow our instincts and feel into how our gifts want to be expressed. 

I felt this strong pull myself. I launched my first business and blog in 2013, and I created my current business, The Dreamerie, in 2017. Stepping into my role as a conscious entrepreneur has been one of the most rewarding, challenging, and enlightening experiences of my life.  

Throughout the years, I have learned so many valuable lessons about how to not only run a successful business, but also how to tap into my purpose and support myself in my work. This has taken a lot of trial and error. 

Today I am pulling back the curtain on my business and giving you a behind-the-scenes look at how I work. My intention is to help you build your own business and make you feel less alone as an entrepreneur. 

I am sharing my 11 favorite tools — both energetic and practical — that I use regularly to make The Dreamerie what it is. 

In this post, we will explore:

  • Energetic tools to support conscious entrepreneurs

  • Practical tools to support conscious entrepreneurs 

  • Grounding practices for intuitive business owners

  • Tips for email marketing, Instagram, Pinterest, and course creation for conscious entrepreneurs 

  • Ways to save time and energy in your business


Energetic Tools To Support Your Intuitive Business

1. Akashic Records

The Akashic Records have been a pivotal tool in guiding the mission and expression of my business. I tap into the Akashic Records to receive guidance on my offerings, what my audience needs to hear from me, and how I can support my community. 

I often go into my own Records and the Records of my business, The Dreamerie. I ask both big-picture questions (What is the next best step in my business? How can I best serve my audience?) and more specific questions (What should I include in this offering? How much should I charge for this service? How can I support this specific client?). 

I access the Akashic Records when I am going through a major upleveling in my business — for example, when I am launching a new course or when I was rebranding my website. I also use it for day-to-day tasks like before I post on social media. 

Through the Akashic Records, you can discover what your intuitive business is meant to be, who you’re here to serve, how your unique gifts want to express themselves, and how you can feel in flow in your work. 

If you’re just starting your business, check out this post on How To Use The Akashic Records to Create Your Conscious Business

If you want to learn more about accessing the Akashic Records for yourself and your business, I suggest diving into my How To Read the Akashic Records course

2. Astrology 

I utilize astrology as a guiding light to gently inform what I’m doing and creating in my business. For example, if I’m about to launch an offering, I look up potential launch dates and the energetics of those days in astrology. 

I look up what sign the moon is in, whether it's a Full Moon or New Moon, and based on that, I feel into when it might be a supportive time to release something. Around the Full Moon, emotions can be heightened and intense. I think about if I want to tap into this energy or perhaps wait a week, depending on the offering. If Mercury is in retrograde, I may wait a week to avoid any technology or communication disruptions. 

3. Human Design

Human Design helps me understand myself and my clients more deeply, so I know how best to show up in my work. If you’re not familiar with Human Design, it is a system that fuses the principles of The I Ching, astrology, Kabbalah, the Hindu-Brahmin chakra system, and quantum physics. Your Human Design chart — calculated using your birth date, time, and place — is a map to understanding how you operate as a person and how you can live in alignment with your true nature. 

There are 5 overarching energy types in Human Design: Manifestors, Manifesting Generators, Generators, Projectors, and Reflectors. I am a Projector, which means my gifts lie in seeing the energy of others, leading, and creating more efficient systems. 

Projectors don’t typically have sustained energy for long periods of time, and we are meant to honor when we need to step back and take breaks. Knowing this about myself has given me permission to rest and not always be “on.” I know that I am not meant to work 8 - 10 hours a day to be my best. Part of my work, and my gift, is to put systems in place so I can work fewer hours a day, yet serve my audience more deeply. The practical tools I describe in this post below help me do that. 

Understanding my Human Design has also helped me build my team. As a projector, I work best with Manifestors and Manifesting Generators, so I seek out those types — and I often attract them naturally as collaborators. 

You can learn more about your own Human Design and access your chart here

4. Tarot & Oracle Decks

This is another modality that grounds me and helps me tap into my own power. I don’t pull a card every day, but I find that when I’m creating something for my business, in a launch period, or if I have a question, it can be really helpful. I’ll often pull a card and ask something simple like, “What message am I meant to receive for myself and my work?” I love the Wild Unknown Deck and the Moon Deck

5. A Course In Miracles

A Course in Miracles is “a spiritual self-study program designed to awaken us to the truth of our oneness with God and Love.” In the morning, I ask what lesson I am meant to receive that day to invite miracles into my business, and then I open to a page. It helps me move through my day from a heart-centered place, ground into higher service, and invite in the beauty and magic of miracles. 

Practical Tools To Support Your Intuitive Business

I use Kajabi to host my courses and membership, and I love it so much. As a conscious business owner, creating courses is one way to intuitively express your gifts while creating a sustainable income stream. 

Kajabi is a beautiful platform that gives you so much functionality and freedom in how you share your courses. It’s opened up a whole new portal for me in my business. It allows me to create and share courses so people can experience my work without me being directly involved. This gives me more freedom in my schedule and helps me spread the magic of the Akashic Records to a wider audience. With Kajabi, you can also host memberships and coaching platforms if that applies to your intuitive business.

Try a 30-day trial of Kajabi!

I’ve tried quite a few email platforms over the years, and some felt cumbersome and overly complicated. I love Flodesk because it is simple, intuitive to use, and allows me to focus on creating beautifully designed emails. 

You can create your own emails from scratch or use their templates and customize them like I do. It makes the entire process of creating and sending emails so seamless. Flodesk calls itself “the world’s most intuitive email builder” and it really is!

Instagram is helpful for building community and brand awareness, but being completely honest with you, sharing on social media doesn’t come naturally to me. For some people, posting on Instagram flows easily; for others like me, I need more support to integrate this piece of my business into my schedule. 

That’s where Planoly comes in! I use it to plan out and schedule all my Instagram posts in advance. I like to spend an afternoon at a time creating and scheduling social content in batches. With Planoly, I can see everything laid out, easily drag and drop images to see how they fit, make shifts if I change my mind, schedule, and auto post. It gives me freedom to not be glued to my phone and constantly on Instagram. 

Begin your Planoly journey here!

We talked about Instagram, but I think Pinterest is an underutilized platform for intuitive business owners. Pinterest has been key to sharing my work, bringing awareness to my brand, and building community. It helps me build a visual identity around The Dreamerie and share beautiful graphics that resonate with my audience. 

With Tailwind, I can plan out an entire month of Pinterest content in less than an hour. It makes it seamless to schedule posts, so I can set it and forget it!

Start with the Tailwind forever-free plan today! 

I’ve been using this marketing management tool since I started blogging in 2013, and I’ve never stopped. I utilize it to plan out and schedule blog posts like this one. There is nothing else quite like it — it’s beautiful, intuitive, and easy to navigate. 

As conscious entrepreneurs, we spend so much time creating content. Tools like CoSchedule allow you to seamlessly share that content so you can reach more people.

Get started for free!

This is the simple online scheduling software I use for clients to book their Akashic Records readings with me. Clients can easily view my availability and pricing in real time and self schedule appointments with me. 

It auto-adjusts for time zones, allows clients to cancel and reschedule if needed, and sends automated reminders. This saves me so much time going back and forth with clients, and it’s much simpler for them, too! 

Try Acuity today!

Bonus Tool: Trello

Trello is a project management tool that I use to organize all of my tasks. It allows me to seamlessly keep track of current and ongoing projects, as well as easily collaborate with members of The Dreamerie Team.

Try Trello today!


When building a conscious business, you can leverage certain tools to help you share your message, express your creativity, be mindful of your time, and protect your energy. 

Want to learn more about how to support your conscious business? 

The Akashic Records are a powerful tool to tap into your Soul’s purpose, discover your unique gifts, and explore what you’re meant to create in your business. You can open the Records for yourself or your brand and utilize the messages within to create a thriving, purpose-driven business. Join The Akashic Portal Membership to learn how to co-create with your Akashic Records today.

Note to my community: some of these links contain affiliate codes which allow me to make a small commission if you make a purchase. This is at no extra cost to you and helps to support my work. As always, I only share tools that I absolutely love and have used extensively myself. If you have any questions you can always email — Thank you for your support!

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Welcome to my blog. Alongside lifestyle tools, healing practices, and consciously curated finds, you’ll have full access to Akashic education to support your journey.

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